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HAUSÎNG sells cool, green, affordable architecture.
Our company is young, passionate and idealistic.
This is our outlet for creativity, for putting out ideas and taking risks.


1. First of all, we buy land. Then we collaborate with architects we respect and admire on original housing projects.
Finally, we take the full financial risk to build the housing units before selling them to our future happy customers.
As we care about our environment, we mostly build prefabricated eco-friendly wood houses.

2. We also work directly with customers and provide tailored solutions to your needs.

These are the main companies in charge of project development.


The Riko Company manages innovative turnkey engineering projects in the fields of energy and ecology, logistics and transportation system, industry and civil engineering. It represents a contribution to a global community, as witnessed by the presence of its technological solutions and equipment throughout more than 30 countries worldwide. Yet such international involvement remains grounded in the inspiration from and commitment to understand and fulfill the needs of local markets.

The Riko Company has established itself as a European leader of environmentally conscious construction. With its certified wooden construction system, Riko has built up an international reputation as an integral partner in the implementation of superior standards in eco-friendly building techniques.

By applying state-of-the-art technology and long-standing expertise in the area of wooden construction, Riko consistently delivers the highest eco-standards in Europe. As a pioneer of responsible construction technology, Riko extends its reach to include not only residential homes, but also public buildings in the likes of congress centers, wellness centers, kindergartens, schools, restaurants and hotels.